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Appel d’offre pour des produits en provenance des U.S.A

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Commodity: Up to 42,000 MT of SOYBEAN MEAL (46.5% protein)

Up to 28,000 MT of MILLED RICE (U.S. No. 2 or better, 7% broken)

Delivery: CFR Free Out discharge to buyer’s selected seaport. Commodities delivered in bulk. Rice buyers may request Liner Out terms and 50kg bagging.

Load Date: February 2024 load in US. Buyer may propose alternate load date, but not before February 2024.

Price/MT: Commodities will be sold in U.S. dollars, through the submission of competitive bids. 

Bidding:Full tender, commodity specifications, bid form and standard Purchase Agreement that the winning bidder(s) will be expected to sign as Buyer(s) are posted at link below: http://www.rpxi.com/sales/bids201

Deadline: Bids must be submitted via email to both agents below by 1700 hours (GMT) December 19, 2023. Bidders will be notified within 72 hours of bid results. Should bid prices offered fail to meet minimum requirements, the tender will be canceled.

Agents: Mr. Matthew KRZYSTON, Email: krzyston@rpxi.com

Mr. Ben KALHORN, Email:  bid@canterapartners.com


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